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Interview for the podcast Voices of Transition

logo podcast Voices of Transition

I participated in the radio programme Voices of Transition, with Carla Cabrita. We talked about the accompaniment I develop. You can listen to the podcast here (in Portuguese).

Voices of Transition is a program of TT – The Triangle in Transition Movement, which promotes projects that create a new world in which traditions and knowledge are rescued and united to new social, educational and economic models.

The Transition is led by practical and specific examples through which people/communities reify alternative proposals, demonstrating that a change is possible and providing a more tangible sense of what a sustainable and human world can look like. The Transition drives cultural paradigm shifts and manifests itself in stories that tell of both personal and social change and transition.

To talk about death means to talk about life

We began by going through a historical and professional contextualisation of the figure of the doula, whether of birth or of death, and I specified the approach and proposal of accompaniment that I registered as a personal brand - Transition Doula.

Among many topics and stories, we talked about the small deaths we face throughout life, about finitude, about the physiology of the end of life, Palliative Care and the importance of rituals and spirituality. Among others, I mentioned projects that I have been developing, namely in the area of research in Social Innovation.

I want to express my immense gratitude to everyone... and there are so many people... those who have shared with me how much the podcast has touched you, transmitting your personal stories that mirror many of the metaphors unraveled in this podcast.

Listening to you has created a new metaphor for me... I see each one of you as an oyster that, when the suitable conditions are met, manifests as the pearl that you are... that you have always been... that allows itself to be incarnated... I am very grateful to witness you! Thank you very much!

You can read some of the testimonies here. .


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