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Transition Doula



I am Rita Lança, a professional who specialises in accompanying people at any stage of their lives that is characterised by significant changes which cause them to feel disturbed, such as illnesses, bereavements and deaths.
I provide emotional, spiritual, informative and practical support to individuals and families who wish to live through these transitions in their lives in a conscious, informed and accompanied way, with a view to reducing stress, anxiety and suffering, increasing feelings of peace, comfort and empowerment in the face of these challenging circumstances.
I am trained in Social Work, as an End of Life Doula and have an International Certificate in Contemplative Spiritual Care and in Clinical Aromatherapy.
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Tocando a superfície

I accompany the individual with personalised support focusing on emotional, spiritual, informative and/or practical support in life stages characterised by changes, losses and grief. This is aimed at caregivers, families, people with cancer, in the process of grieving, at the end of life, with pregnancy loss, prenatal death and/or marital separations.

Clinical Aromatherapy is a combination of therapeutic techniques that starts with a diagnosis and uses essential oils, essences, flower and plant waters and vegetable oils to restore physical, emotional, mental and energetic balance.

I accompany the individual’s personal journey, grounded in the body-mind relationship as an anchor to respond to universal spiritual needs, present throughout life and in death. It is based on a set of meditative practices and resources inspired by Tibetan Buddhism and based on Contemplative Neurosciences.

Why turn to the Services of a Transition Doula?

Throughout our lives we ​​will face several losses that will lead us to experience grief. Grief is a reaction to a significant loss, which involves a strong bond. In addition to the death of a loved one or a pet, grief also applies to other types of loss, such as a change of job, moving house, or a divorce, amongst others.
Being a Transition Doula for me means caring for and accompanying someone who is going through a big change in life which involves loss.

Multipurpose and Continuous Accompaniment

The accompaniment I propose is a response to the gap of our unmet needs, whether in health or social services, in an area of ​​intervention focused on personalised community care. As a Transition Doula, I work on the interface between the personal, community and institutional spheres. I accompany people in their different life situations, whether in their home, through mediation and/or travel to services, amongst other things. I build bridges between conventional and complementary approaches, focusing on an integrative model of care.

I offer:

  • Close accompaniment, supported by my training in end-of-life and palliative care;

  • Support with Information and education, in terms of practical strategies and tools which can be integrated into daily life, whether in the provision of care, self-care strategies, or in the deepening of personal resources;

  • Diagnosis of needs at home, such as adapting space, routines, care plans, minimising risks/risk assessment, alarm signals and scenarios;

  • Informative and practical support for identifying and activating appropriate community resources;

  • Multiple services are offered in one intervention, such as: 

    • intervention in different contexts, such as home, cemetery and services, among others,

    • emotional support,

    • spiritual support,

    • personal and family support.

  • A flexible schedule, at the pace of people’s needs;

  • Continuous accompaniment throughout the different stages of life and death.

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