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Specialised support in end-of-life/death care

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Statistics show that it is a reality that we have an ageing population and that the type and quantity of services available in this area are insufficient to meet social needs.

The service I provide aims to accompany people so that they can live better, with more quality and comfort, at the end of their lives.

It starts from the recognition of the benefits that conventional medicine and technology have brought in improving our quality of life and focuses on reconciling this aspect with an integrative approach, supported by complementary therapies.

It is a humanised model, which intends to contribute in such a way that the landscape of the end of life and death can, whenever possible, be lived in community, in intimate environments, in which people can die surrounded by who or whatever is familiar to them and it can give them confidence and affection.

This accompaniment favours a fuller experience for the departing person and family and friends, informed and enlightened decision-making, relief from the overload of practical and bureaucratic tasks, a more serene departure and a healthier grieving process, amongst other things.

What I offer:

  • Emotional, spiritual, informational and or practical support;

  • An Integrative Approach, supported by several holistic therapists;

  • Accompaniment for the person at the end of life and family, in order to, whenever possible, respond to their preferences regarding the end of life;

  • Support in the realisation of the Living Will and Advance Directive of Will (DVA Portugal 2012);

  • Support in end-of-life planning;

  • Logistical support, at home and in communication with services;

  • Accompaniment in the performance of rituals;

  • Support in after-death care.


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