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What do Halloween, Day of the Dead and Samhain have in common?

From ancient cults in which death was celebrated we have moved to practices mediated by commodification...

We avoid thinking about death or talking about death...

On our travel itineraries we visit museums, historical monuments and architectural treasures which largely manifest rituals dedicated to the memory of death, such as the Pyramids in Egypt or the Taj Mahal in India...

In our daily life we witness the "sfumato" of rituals...

As the French philosopher Roland Barthes wrote, "Where rituals disappear as protective devices, life remains completely unprotected".

As a community we can rekindle rituals as a way of warming ourselves in the face of fears and the icy cold of death.

I invite you to a conversation on the topic:

Ritualising Death

Celebrating Life

On the 31st of October, at 9pm, at Casa Sakra, in Lagos.

I will make a brief presentation about the accompaniment I develop as Transition Doula and, from the perspectives of Anthropology and History, we will reflect on global changes in funeral rituals.

We will focus on approaches to funeral rituals from other cultural universes.

We will perform a ritual together.

Join us for this dynamic, inspiring and transformative evening.

To register, please send us an e-mail to:

*The event has a cost of €10.


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