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Customer Reviews

Transition Doula

Individual and Family Sessions


João Roma

"I turned to Rita for guidance when I felt desperate dealing with my mother’s dementia.
My maternal love waned with turmoil and anguish knowing that my mother would never go back to herself. Deep down, I found myself blaming her for being ill.
Rita brought peace to my heart with her humanism and wisdom by sharing her knowledge and experience. A lot of my indignation came from the fact that I knew very little about dementia.
She later showed me inner tools tailored to my needs, initiating my journey towards acceptance.
Only when I was able to truly accept did love and peace return to my heart. Dealing with this challenge on a daily basis is only possible in a state of love.

Marina Alejandra M.

"Life’s turns, “The Universe”, led me to Rita during the most significant and challenging moment of my life. Losing my mother and father, moving to another continent, changing job and breaking up with my boyfriend left me feeling completely disoriented and shattered. Rita’s support helped me immensely to realign and feel like myself again.
Rita has been showing me a few practices which have helped me a lot, for example, “the rituals”, a truly healing technique! But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, each person requires different solutions, and Rita will find the right one.
It’s important to heal the soul, and having dedicated time and conscious introspective work with Rita as my guide has been invaluable in my grieving processes.
Thank you, Rita!

Patrícia Cruz

"Sessions with Rita are a profound exploration of the soul. Not only is she able to hear unspoken words, but she also illuminated the crossroads I was facing. Despite feeling like I was accomplishing all the goals I set for myself, I wasn’t really experiencing the joy that was supposed to come with that. Rita showed me very clearly why, helped unpack the baggage I didn’t know I was carrying, and lit a spark inside me that guided me back to my path and allowed me to live it. It wasn’t straightaway, though; this was a challenging process, but it was definitely a pivotal moment which allowed me to reconnect with my life and to feel like myself again. Sessions with Rita are a safe haven for healing and guidance."

Liz Allen

"When my boyfriend became very ill with cancer, he collapsed at home and got taken to the Emergency unit at the hospital.  I thought they would keep him there and treat him for his now severe symptoms, but they brought him home the next day.  I was at my wits´ end as he was hardly able to make it to the bathroom any more, and he was in increasing pain.
A friend of mine told me about Rita and her help for end of life patients. Rita arrived soon after I contacted her, and arranged for the local Palliative team to come and assess A.
Rita made a few visits to A. in the hospital to give him support for the mental and emotional questions and worries which he had about his impending death.
Rita also supported us at A´s funeral, and graced the occasion with a beautiful song.
During the months following A´s passing, Rita provided support to me, and in due course, as well as ongoing counselling and Essential Oils therapy for myself helped lessen the burden and stresses I was coping with.
Rita continues to provide support to me, as life goes on and I have other challenges, with the care of my very elderly mother who lives abroad.  I feel that I have come a long way since first meeting Rita and would recommend her to anyone who needs support for the end of life care of a friend or relative, with the help at the hospital care, the funeral, and afterwards."

Maria dos Anjos Rouxinol 

"Rita’s support was important to me in the time when my husband was ill, helping me better understand the phases of his illness. Equally significant was the bridge that Rita established with the doctor and the services that accompanied him. She united with my family in decisive moments and at the funeral, and she helped work out practical matters.
I went on to grieve with less anxiety and less anguish. I am very grateful for having someone to accompany and guide me. Thank you, Rita.

Karen Lundman

"In 2014 my life changed from one moment to the next. My husband had an accident that caused a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). This was followed by an eight-year "odyssey" of deep uncertainty, despair and fatigue. Today I think how much I wish I had known Rita and her profession as a doula sooner.  During the phase of my husband's terminal illness, being accompanied by specialised end-of-life carers helped us, as a family, to prepare more serenely and faithfully for bereavement. I believe it is a fundamental right for people to choose and be involved in a range of decisions such as palliative/health care, physical comfort, mental and emotional needs, as well as spiritual issues - to receive care with dignity and respect.
Last but not least, receiving professional support in all the practical (bureaucratic) tasks is a relief for family members. I see it as a privilege to have the opportunity to turn to social workers/a doula specialised in end-of-life situations, an essential help that can save any of us from overwhelming pain, sadness, confusion and consequently regret over decisions made in a fragile situation.
Rita and her work are a true source of empathy, affection, clarity, sincerity, lucidity and wisdom - all the powers that support me to get in touch with myself, to find peace, tranquillity and confidence so that I can grow little by little towards the light, towards universal love."

Sofia Matthias

 "You're an Angel who appeared in my life!" said my mum as she said goodbye to Rita. 
And that says it all...
A huge support, just knowing that you're available at any time, for any situation we face throughout our lives. 
I'm grateful to have you by my side!"

Cláudia Gouveia

"I had never had a family meeting until I met Rita, a super special person who I believe was divinely guided to us. Throughout the session, communication flowed and we were given some exercises to help us understand each other. We all left the session feeling lighter because we were able to say what we felt, in a calm atmosphere where respect and love prevailed, which is what unites us. I'm very grateful to Rita, her good energy makes all the difference."

Maria Ribeiro

"I went to Rita right at the beginning of my mourning for my mum, at a troubled time in my life. Along the way I was carrying other unresolved griefs... Rita listened to me with skill and, above all, with love, and led me to have more strength to believe in my journey inwards... to the heart... to communicate with the soul. To find a way to peace in my heart and soul and gratitude for life. I have felt that it is the most important experience in my life, to take a leap and grow towards feeling, towards the best of me towards a heart at peace. Deep gratitude Rita."

Group Session Reviews

Carla Cabrita

"Thank you for the event! It was wonderful, and full of insights the following day. I went to my father and bother’s grave to leave a candle and this actually brought me joy! For the first time in 17 years, I went in with a heart full of joy and life. It felt good to be there and it ended up being a moment I shared with some friends who were also visiting a loved one. It was perfect that you had the event on Halloween. It allowed us to put things back in their place, restore their profound significance. Another significant thing I experienced: the following day, there was a strong desire to celebrate the living, those most connected to the deceased who were my pillars. I rang a good friend, not because it’s someone I missed but because I wanted to celebrate life, celebrate those who stayed, those who are still here. Only this way can we truly celebrate and honour our dead."

Sónia Fialho

"I approached the event with an open mind, as I do in all unknown territories. I was presently surprised by feeling my grandmother. You wisely and serenely drove me to her, and I had the chance to give her a profound and sweet farewell hug, the touch of hands laden with stories and experiences. This entire experience was painted with joyful, peaceful and tranquil colours.
This magical journey was made possible through your words, your calm, serene and assertive communication that takes us on a profound emotional voyage.
It was a beautiful event, a pure circle of people that you wisely guided and connected.
Your determined and audacious promotion of touch within the group created a deep, intimate connection that bound us together. This unity was further sustained through a core full of mysteries and ritualised, deeply meaningful elements. Each element you focused on was a new journey. Another touch of magic and wisdom orchestrated by you.
I’m grateful, very grateful for all the shared moments."

Clinical Aromatherapy


Pedro Maia 

"I'm a fan of aromatherapy.
I'll tell you briefly about my experience with essential oils. I remember having a runny nose all year round. Naturally, in winter, the symptoms got worse. Until Rita suggested that I have an aromatherapy treatment. It was 3 months of "intensive" therapy with approximately 5 essential oils. I can tell you that it's been over a year now, and to this day I've never had another runny nose. What's more, I feel that my immune system is stronger.

Long live aromatherapy!"

Lígia Duarte 

"About a year and a half ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
While I initially reacted well in terms of acceptance, after surgery, appointments and treatment, I had a feeling of abandonment. Nevertheless, the fatigue, and with each passing day, the daily reminder of life's finite nature heightened a growing sadness within me.
In my efforts to prepare myself, I came across Rita Lança and her support.
In my sessions with Rita, I sense the proximity of a sweet person who listens without judgement, gently guiding towards a more adaptive way of living and offering easy tips that are easy to apply to daily life. Rita taught me the importance of breath and meditation, I use her recordings whenever I need them.
With each passing week, the grip of anxiety and anguish fade, leading to more serene and hopeful moments.
Rita's comprehensive knowledge, spanning diverse topics like aromatherapy and essential oils, allows her to offer a broad range of services, such as aromatherapy (or essential oils) yielding very positive results.
My sessions with Rita have provided serenity as well as deepening my self-awareness.

Thank you!"


Chita González 

"In a very painful mourning process, in which I felt incapable of doing or deciding anything, Rita appeared in my life as a balm that allowed me to start thinking that maybe I still had a chance of becoming "my old self" again.
Our conversations and meditation practices represented the beginning of an acquisition of tools that have proved to be indispensable in keeping me afloat and glimpsing the possibility of getting out of the anguish, fear, loneliness and deep pain into which I was plunged.
Along with the spiritual part, aromatherapy, which we started, has also proved to be a physical and psychological aid that has allowed me to "breathe" and "live".
In addition to the spiritual aspect, we started aromatherapy, which has proved to be a physical and psychological support, allowing me to “breathe” and truly “live”.

Contemplative Spiritual Care


Deva Shamim

"Rita guided me in the process of preparing for my mother’s parting, and provided support in the grieving period. She became a very important pillar for me, consistently instilling the heightened awareness of spiritual life while maintaining profound humanity. In every session, through her poetic and visual perspective, Rita always left me important insights that in day-to-day life made all the difference to my personal balance and my relationship with death. I believe this kind of support is essential during challenging times in life. Highly recommended. ❤"

Maria José Rosa 

"I took up the role of caregiver for my husband from the moment he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which had spread to the liver and lungs.
I was immediately faced with multiple challenges, anguish and responsibilities for which I was entirely unprepared. This loaded me with an overwhelming physical and emotional burden. The daily responsibilities and fear led to significant states of anxiety, phycological disturbances, insomnia, lack of appetite, among others. I had to seek help as I needed to ensure my physical and psychological wellbeing to be able to care for my husband. In the midst of coping with these problems and looking for meaning in life, Rita Lança entered the picture. She played a crucial role in alleviating my fears and worries, providing clarity to my doubts, and equipping me with essential tools for my daily life.
This journey has been filled with new and varied situations, for which Rita always finds ways to assist me. She’s the one who helps me realign myself in moments when I lose my way, encouraging acceptance and appreciation for the natural order of life. She’s been my guiding light, and I am immensely thankful for the emotional wellbeing she has brought into my life. Thank you!"


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