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Demyurga, the lived concept

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Living is a challenge to us to transform ourselves into what we are -in essence- as a unique seed that grows into a particular tree.

The various changes we face throughout life - transitions - are opportunities for profound transformations.

Life uses various types of languages/mediators to reveal clues along our path.

Demyurga symbolically represents the way I feel called to serve in life.

The expression that shapes for me is covered in Plato's Philosophy and Cosmology.

Greek demiourgos, the word means someone who works for the people. Faced with the inevitable transformation of the universe, the demiurge observes and like a craftsman helps the pure forms of the unintelligible world to materialise.

It is a concept that has accompanied me for almost three decades, on a journey of deepening the meaning translated into the concrete substance of my life.

I am someone who feels called to transform the way we look at death and mourning, bringing light to these processes:

  • Being an artisan of new ways of looking at and living death in life.

  • Bringing light and clarity to landscapes marked by suffering, loss and death.

  • Seeing beyond the chaos, the confusion - present in the changes, transitions - our potential for transmutation.

  • Recognising the humus that is generated with death.

I manifest what I am through being a Transition Doula. What I do is integrated/absorbed into me, it's an extension of who I am.


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